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Negra Beach

Just 2 km from our lodge, our world class wave, Playa Negra is the heart of Costa Rica's surfing.

Recognized by professional surfers after appearing in the notorious documentary "The Endless Summer" as one of the best right tubular waves in the country with swells consistency almost all year round.

Surf with locals in a pleasant atmosphere, we ask you to be respectful as it is a "point break", a single point where the wave breaks and everyone waits their turn.

This beautiful beach has white sand, stone ocean floor crystalline waters and corals, perfect for to practice snorkeling. Playa Negra is territory part of

"Las Baulas" National Marine Park, nesting site for all types of sea turtles!

So you may be lucky enough to see them while surfing!.

Playa Negra is also a great spot to enjoy with family, children have fun with the formations of pools between the rocks at low tide and also looking at little  Goldfishes  trapped between the rocks.
Just a few meters away from Playa Negra beach is  "Sandy Beach",  another beautiful the beach suitable for surfing courses, body board and to play in the waves


Avellanas Beach !

Located 3 km. from our hostel, Playa Avellanas also boasts world class waves.
Easy for your first surf lesson and a relaxing shore that makes it a paradise for Longboards, "girls".
beginner surfers, middlemen and for those experienced. You have more than 5 wave points at all levels, as the waves reach up to 5.5 meters, attracting experienced surfers from all over the world.  Playa Avellana offers white sandy beaches and turquoise waters that create a great starting point for endangered sea turtles as it is also part of the Las Baulas National Marine Park.
The waves are spectacular year-round, coming from both the northern and southern hemispheres.
 The most popular places are La Purruja, a reef on the left opposite the Lola car park, El Palo, small barrels on the left and right, and the legendary "Little Hawaii".
Another attraction is In this coastal town, you're likely to meet "Lola," the 400-kilo sow-a local celebrity-who casually wanders along the beach to bathe in the sun.
The long wooden bridge with mangroves around a beautiful scenery for unforgettable photographs.


Photos by: Barba Negra Lodge

Surf Packages!

Hi! i am Jeremie, i have 20 years surfing and around 10 years surfing in Costa Rica, and i going to guide you through your surfing experience. I will show you the surf spots and we will choose your spot according to your level and surfing experience.

If you require some advice about your surf technique, Maria will take surfing pictures of you to analyze your session together.

She will also be your trainer focusing her Yoga classes on your needs.

You can include your photo shoot, you will live an unforgettable experience.


-2 Surf Lesson

-1 free surf including the board

-3 Night accommodation

-3 Breakfast

-3 Yoga Class Traditional Hatha

-Mountain bike

-1 Massage

-1photo surf shoot


Single guest: $449

Additional Guest: $344

"Intermediary & Surfers "

-3 Day of Surf guide session

-3 Nights accommodation

-3 "Bomb" Breakfast

-3 Yoga Class focused on surfing


Single guest: $429

Additional guest: $339

Taxes not included