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Hi im Maria Jose , welcome to my Yoga class

I am a  400 hours certified yoga teacher in "multy style" by Yoga Alliance International.

Costa Rica.

 My intention is to inspire people with my family and to guide you in to your own lito have a life balance as possible, hand in hand with sport, a quiet mind and healthy food.  I speak, English, Spanish and French.


Traditional Hatha Yoga practise and Vinyasa


Drop in my daily practice at 7:30 Practise in a exterior Shala named "Luz de Negra".

Surrounded by the sounds of the nature, feeling the breeze and calmness.

Come relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself. Coffee include.

$15 per person.










Yoga  in Bikini


Get "Hot" practice at the pool under the rays of the sun. Recharge energy, get tanned and jump into the pool  to refresh yourself.

All the classes includes Coffee or Tea.

(additional menu items available from our Snack Bar at an additional charge)

 $12 Per person


Private class 


-All levels

-Beginners:  Immerse into the Yoga with basic concepts (breathe -asanas -meditation)

Sun Salutations A and B (First and second sequences of the Traditional Hatha Yoga)

-Intermediate: We will use critical alignment, advanced poses (Bandas), Meditations and Pranayama (breath control).

$15 per person.

Add another experience

- Yoga Nidra (sleep recovery): $15
- Pranhayama Massage         : $80
- Tibetan quartz bowls           : $20
- Gentle Hatha with candles at night : $20